(a)   No person shall dump any solid waste at any public sanitary landfill, except during designated hours. The superintendent in charge of said landfill shall determine the place or places where specific categories of solid waste brought to the landfill shall be placed. Such superintendent may require persons bringing solid waste to said landfill for disposal to separate such solid waste according to kinds or classes of material, and to deposit such different kinds or classes of materials in different places on such landfill, and may direct the manner and method of dumping and disposing of such solid waste.
   (b)   No solid waste, including trees, lumber, metals, concrete, etc., shall be accepted in the landfill if said waste has a maximum dimension in any direction (width, height, breadth) of more than eight feet. This restriction may be waived by the superintendent of the landfill if he or she feels that allowing such materials will not impede the operation of the landfill.
   (c)   Authorized use of the sanitary landfill is for the citizens of the City of Sidney, the citizens of Cheyenne County and contracted private, governmental or municipal users, under the appropriate fee or permit schedules or contracted rates. No person shall make unauthorized use of the landfill.
   (d)   No statement contained in this chapter shall be construed as preventing special agreements or arrangements between the City and any party for the disposal of wastes.
(Ord. 1343. Passed 5-28-96.)