(a)   Whenever the Director finds, on the basis of falling snow, sleet or freezing rain, that weather conditions will make it necessary for motor vehicle traffic to be expedited and for parking on City streets to be prohibited or restricted for snow plowing and other purposes, the Director shall put into effect a parking prohibition on emergency snow routes, or parts thereof, as necessary, by declaring such prohibition in the manner prescribed by Section 466.06.
   (b)   Once in effect, a prohibition under this section shall remain in effect until terminated by an announcement of the Director in accordance with this chapter. While the prohibition is in effect, no person shall park, or allow to remain parked, any vehicle on any portion of an emergency snow route to which the prohibition applies.
   (c)    Nothing in this section shall be construed to permit parking at any time or in any place where it is otherwise prohibited by law.
(Ord. 962. Passed 1-28-80.)