5-1-1: Department Created
5-1-2: Chief Of Police
5-1-2-1: Creation Of Rank Of Lieutenant
5-1-2-2: Position Of Deputy Chief Of Police
5-1-3: Duties Of Department Members
5-1-4: Serving Process
5-1-5: Conduct Of Members
5-1-6: Serve As Witness; Fee
5-1-7: Police Pension Fund
5-1-8: Shorewood Police Association Of Chaplains (SAC)
There is hereby created a police department for the village which shall consist of the chief of police and of such other members as may be provided, from time to time, by the president and board of trustees. (Ord. 0-111, 10-29-1969)
   A.   There is hereby created the office of chief of police. The chief of police shall be appointed by the village administrator, with the approval of a majority vote of the president and board of trustees 1 .
   B.   The chief of police shall serve for such term as may be provided by law 2 and may be removed in the manner provided for the removal of officers 3 . (Ord. 0-111, 10-29-1969; amd. 1994 Code)
   C.   The chief of police shall keep such records and make such reports concerning the activities of his department as may be required by the statutes of the state or ordinance of the village or by rules of the board of fire and police commissioners as adopted by the village board of trustees. (Ord. 0-111, 10-29-1969; amd. Ord. 85-389, 3-12-1985)
There are hereby created within the police department two (2) positions which shall have assigned to them the rank of lieutenant. The lieutenants shall have such duties and responsibilities as are from time to time set forth in the police department manual. Promotions to the rank of lieutenant shall be made by the board of fire and police commissioners as provided by law. (Ord. 97-868, 3-11-1997)
   A.   There is hereby established the position of deputy chief of police in the village of Shorewood. The chief of police shall have the authority to appoint not to exceed two (2) deputy chiefs of police, subject to the availability of funding for such position as determined by the president and village board.
   B.   The deputy chief of police position shall be an exempt rank immediately below that of the chief of police.
   C.   The deputy chief of police may be appointed from any rank of a sworn and full time officer, having at least five (5) years of full time law enforcement experience in the village of Shorewood.
   D.   The deputy chief of police having been appointed from any rank of sworn, full time officer of the village of Shorewood, shall be permitted, regardless of rank, to take promotional exams and be promoted to a higher classified rank than he currently holds, without having to resign as deputy chief of police.
   E.   A deputy chief of police shall serve at the discretion of the chief of police. The chief of police may remove the deputy chief of police at any time. In the event a deputy chief is removed from the position of deputy chief, he or she shall revert back to the rank held prior to such appointment without regard to whether a vacancy exists in that rank. (Ord. 14-1728, 3-11-2014)
It shall be the duty of the members of the police department to see to the enforcement of all of the ordinances of the village and all statutes applicable herein and to preserve order and prevent infractions of the law and arrest violators thereof. (Ord. 0-111, 10-29-1969)
No member of the police department, excepting the chief, shall serve any process except on command of the chief of the police department. (Ord. 0-111, 10-29-1969)
It shall be the duty of every member of the police department to conduct himself in a proper and law abiding manner, at all times, and to avoid the use of unnecessary force. Each member of the department shall obey the orders and directions of his superior. (Ord. 0-111, 10-29-1969)
Every member of the police department shall appear as witness whenever this is necessary in a prosecution for a violation of an ordinance or of any state or federal law. No such member shall retain any witness fee for service as witness in any action or suit to which the village is a party; any fees paid for such services shall be turned over to the chief who shall deposit the same with the village treasurer. (Ord. 0-111, 10-29-1969)
   A.   Fund Created: There is hereby created a police pension fund which shall be a fund kept separate and apart from all other funds of the village and shall be under the control of the board of trustees of the police pension fund 4 .
   B.   Monies Comprising Fund: The village treasurer shall set apart as police pension fund all monies received by him which are authorized and directed to be set apart for the pension fund by state law 5 .
   C.   Reports And Records: The village treasurer and all other officials of the village who had the custody of any pension funds, on the second Tuesday in May, shall, annually, make a sworn statement to the board of the police pension fund and to the village president and board of trustees of all monies received and paid out by him on account of the police pension fund during the year and of the amount of such funds then on hand and owing to the pension fund. All surplus then remaining with any official other than the treasurer shall be paid to the village treasurer. Upon demand of the pension board, any official shall furnish a statement relative to the official method of collection or handling of such pension funds. All books and records of such official shall be produced at any time by him for examination and inspection by the board.
   D.   Conflicting Provisions: In the event any provision or part of a provision of this section shall at any time be in conflict with the statutes of the state, the latter shall govern, and all portions of this section not so in conflict shall remain in full force and effect. (Ord. 0-208, 4-22-1975)
   A.   Establishment Of Shorewood Police Association Of Chaplains (SAC):
      1.   Shorewood Police Association Of Chaplains, hereinafter known as SAC, is hereby established.
   B.   Organization Of Shorewood Police Association Of Chaplains:
      1.   The chief of police shall appoint as many chaplains for volunteer service as are necessary to make the organization effective.
      2.   The appointments of all persons to the position of chaplain shall be subject to the advice and consent of the village administrator and the collective bargaining unit of the police department.
      3.   Each chaplain shall be an ordained clergy person and shall serve a religious community in the Shorewood and/or Will County area.
      4.   After appointment to SAC, each chaplain shall be required to participate in a formal training program developed by the chief of police, and shall receive training on a continuing basis through ride-along programs.
      5.   The position of chaplain is purely voluntary, and each chaplain shall serve without compensation.
      6.   Each chaplain shall provide evidence of current medical and health insurance coverage to the village. The village shall provide reimbursement for expenses over and above a chaplain's personal medical and health insurance coverage for injuries sustained while participating as a member of SAC. The village shall also defend and indemnify each chaplain for any claim or lawsuit filed against them for any act or omission arising out of their service as a member of SAC. (Ord. 95-782, 4-25-1995)



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