1.   Incorporation; Succession; Number of Wards
   2.   Form of Government
   3.   Powers of the City
   4.   The Council; Qualifications, Terms of Office, and Salary of Members; Selection of Mayor
   5.   City Council - Prohibitions
   6.   Vacancies; Forfeiture of Office; Removal from Office; Filling of Vacancies
   7.   City Council - Judge of Qualifications
   8.   Powers of the Council; Appointment and Tenure of the City Manager
   9.   Powers and Duties of City Manager
   10.   City Clerk
   11.   Recall of a Member of Council
   12.   City Council - Independent Audit
   13.   Meetings of Council; Rules of Procedure; Journal and Voting
   14.   Action Requiring Ordinance
   15.   Ordinances in General
   16.   Emergency Ordinances
   17.   Codes of Technical Regulations
   18.   Authentication and Recording; Codification; Printing
   19.   Administrative Offices and Departments
   20.   Fire Department; Service Fees
   21.   Personnel System
   22.   City Attorney
   23.   Planning and Zoning Commission
   24.   Police Judge
   25.   Chief of Police
   26.   Board of Parks and Recreation
   27.   Enforcement Agency for the Repair, Closing, Demolition of Dwellings or Buildings Unfit for Human Habitation
   28.   Budget and Budget Message; Public Hearing; Adoption and Revision
   29.   Prohibitions - General
   30.   Charter Amendments
   31.   Sanitary Board
   32.   Discriminatory Practices Prohibited
   33.   Social Security
   34.   Oath or Affirmation of Office
   35.   Effect of Charter on Existing Ordinances and Administrative Rules and Regulations
   36.   Reference to General Law
   37.   Meetings and Other Acts on Legal Holidays
   38.   Separability
   39.   Elections
   40.   Effective Date of Charter
   41.   Transition