A.   Permit Required; Exemption: It shall be unlawful to commence the excavation for or the construction of any building, including accessory buildings and swimming pools, or to commence the moving or major structural change of any buildings, including accessory buildings, until the zoning enforcement officer has issued a building permit for such work. (1984 Code § 5-10-2; amd. 2010 Code)
   B.   Application For Permit:
      1.   In applying to the zoning enforcement officer for a building permit, the applicant shall submit a dimensioned sketch or scale plan indicating the shape, size, height and location of all buildings to be erected, changed structurally, or moved, and of any building already on the lot. He shall also state the existing and intended use of all such buildings and supply such other information as may be required by the zoning enforcement officer for determining whether the provisions of this title are being observed. (1984 Code § 5-10-2)
      2.   All plans submitted in connection with a building permit application for a multi-family dwelling structure of more than two (2) units or a commercial structure shall be affixed with the seal of an architect licensed by the state of Illinois, and no building permit shall be approved by the zoning enforcement officer unless the application for a building permit is accompanied by plans bearing the seal of a licensed architect where the application pertains to the construction or improvement of multiple-family dwellings in excess of two (2) units or commercial structures. (Ord. 1995-3, 1-17-1995; amd. 2010 Code)
   C.   Issuance Or Denial Of Permit: If the proposed excavation or construction as set forth in the application is in conformity with the provisions of this title and other ordinances of the village, the zoning enforcement officer shall issue a building permit for such excavation or construction. If a building permit is refused, the zoning enforcement officer shall state, in writing, with cause, and shall immediately forward such notice or refusal to the applicant. The zoning enforcement officer shall grant or deny the permit within ten (10) days from the date the application is submitted. The issuance of a building permit shall in no case be construed as waiving any provisions of this title.
   D.   Expiration Of Permit: A building permit shall become void unless:
      1.   For residential construction, the exterior is completed within six (6) months and totally completed within two (2) years.
      2.   Commercial construction is completed within two (2) years. (1984 Code § 5-10-2)
   E.   Display Of Permit: Any person or entity issued a building permit by the village pursuant to the terms of this section shall display such permit upon the premises so it is visible from the street adjoining the front of the property for which the permit has been issued, and shall maintain such posting until construction is fully completed. (Ord. 1990-6, 4-3-1990)
   F.   In the event construction does not comply with the terms of the building permit issued hereunder, or in violation of Village Code, both the owner and if applicable  general contractor shall be responsible for the payment of a fine in the amount of two thousand five hundred dollars ($2500.00), payable to the Village. Any fine under this section must be paid prior to the issuance of a certificate of occupancy. (Ord. 2020-03, 2-18-2020)



1. See also section 9-1-1 of this code.