A.   Appointment: The coordinator of the Sherman EMA shall be appointed by the village president, and shall become accredited by the Illinois emergency management agency as soon as practical.
   B.   Powers And Duties: The coordinator shall have direct responsibility for the organization, administration, training, and operation of the Sherman EMA as prescribed in and by the state emergency operations plan and program and the Sangamon County emergency preparedness plan subject to the direction and control of the village president. He shall coordinate and direct the activities of all organizations for emergency services and disaster operations within the area served by the Sherman EMA and shall maintain liaison and cooperate with the EMA and disaster agencies of Sangamon County, other counties and cities and of the federal and state governments. (1984 Code § 2-2-4; amd. 2010 Code)
   C.   Vacancy In Office: In the event of the absence, resignation, death or inability to serve of the coordinator, the village president shall appoint a successor as soon as may be practical.
   D.   Chain Of Command: The village president shall inform the coordinator at the time of his appointment and, whenever necessary, the chain of command. (1984 Code § 2-2-4)