A.   Appointment; Supervision: The village president may, with the advice and consent of the board, appoint auxiliary police in such number as the board shall from time to time deem necessary. Such auxiliary police shall not be members of the regular police department of the village and shall supplement members of the regular police department in the performance of their normal duties. Auxiliary police shall be under the control of the chief of police in the performance of their duties.
   B.   Residency; Fingerprinting; Background Check: All auxiliary police shall be residents of the village. Prior to appointment, fingerprints shall be taken, and no person convicted of a felony or crime of moral turpitude shall be appointed as an auxiliary police officer. (1984 Code § 9-1-1-9)
   C.   Duties:
      1.   Auxiliary police, when on duty, shall be conservators of the peace and shall have the powers as specified in 65 Illinois Compiled Statutes 5/3.15-25.
      2.   Auxiliary police members shall be only assigned to perform the following duties: to aid in control of manmade or natural disasters, direct traffic in the village and aid in case of civil disorders as directed by the police chief.
      3.   In cases which render it impractical for members of the regular police force to perform normal duties, the chief of police may assign auxiliary police to such duties.
   D.   Identification; Firearms; Training: Identification symbols worn by auxiliary police shall be different from those worn by the regular police force. Auxiliary police will not carry firearms except with the permission of the chief of police and while in uniform and in performance of their duties. Before being permitted to carry a firearm however, an auxiliary police officer must have the same course of training as required of peace officers under section 2 of the peace officer firearm training act 1 . Auxiliary police, prior to entering upon any duties, shall receive a course in training in the use of weapons and police procedures, as shall be appropriate in the exercise of their duties.
   E.   Death In Line Of Duty: The line of duty compensation act, as now or hereafter amended 2 , shall be applicable to auxiliary police upon their death in the line of duty described herein. (1984 Code § 9-1-1-9; amd. 2010 Code)



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