Conditional Uses
1263.01   Amusement devices in excess of two.
1263.02   Animal hospitals and veterinarian's offices.
1263.03   Assembly of finished goods packaging of finished goods.
1263.04   Assisted living facilities convalescent, nursing or rest homes.
1263.05   Automotive related uses.
1263.06   Band shells and amphitheaters theaters and assembly halls.
1263.07   Day care centers, adult.
1263.08   Day care centers, child.
1263.09   Child day care homes, Type A and B.
1263.10   Drive-through facilities.
1263.11   Dwelling units located above the first floor.
1263.12   Fire and police stations; municipal service uses, and utilities.
1263.13   Home occupations.
1263.14   Hospitals.
1263.15   Laboratories and research facilities.
1263.16   Mid-rise office development.
1263.17   Outdoor storage.
1263.18   Parking structures.
1263.19   Places of worship.
1263.20   Schools, primary and secondary, private.
1263.21   Schools, specialized instructional.
1263.22   Self storage faciltiy.
1263.23   Work/live units.
1263.24   Small lot infill developments.
      Conditional use defined - see P. & Z. 1211.02
      Conditional use procedures - see P. & Z. 1213.05
   Conditional Uses are those uses which, because of their unique characteristics, cannot be properly classified as a permitted use in a particular district or districts. Such uses may be permitted upon the granting of a conditional use permit pursuant to Section 1213.05, Conditional Uses. However, in no case shall a Conditional Use Permit be granted for any use which does not meet the applicable criteria listed for it below.