Drive-Through Facilities may be granted a Conditional Use Permit only in the O, C1, C2, C3, and CM Districts. Such facilities may typically be associated with the following: fast-food restaurants, dry cleaners, banks and other financial institutions, and freestanding automatic teller machines.
   A.    Location. Drive-through facilities shall not be located in front of the principal building.
   B.    Hours of Operation. Attended drive-through facilities shall not be operated between eleven (11) p.m. and five (5) a.m. and may be further restricted by the City Planning Commission based on the location, type of use with which they are associated, and other relevant factors.
   C.    Lot Coverage. A drive-through structure shall not cover more than ten percent (10%) of the lot.
   D.    Site Design and Layout.
      1.   A drive-through structure shall not be provided additional curb cuts except as recommended through site plan review.
      2.    Maneuvering space shall be provided in the rear or side yard.
      3.    Design of maneuvering and stacking aisles for the drive-through shall not interfere with circulation or visibility for traffic either on or off site.
      4.    The radius of drive through lanes shall be a minimum of forty-five (45) feet.
      5.    A minimum of five (5) stacking spaces shall be provided within the drive through lane.
   E.    Landscaping. Drive-through facilities shall be buffered with landscaping pursuant to Chapter 1253.09, Landscape Buffers and Screening. Where abutting residential districts, such buffer shall include a solid brick wall of at least six (6) feet in height.
   F.    Additional Standards.
      1.    Signs associated with a drive-through facility shall be regulated pursuant to Chapter 1250, Sign Regulations.
      2.    All utilities associated with a drive through facility shall be entirely enclosed or buried and shall require an electrical permit from the Building Department, where applicable.