Council may, by ordinance, create or expand a planned unit development area (a “PUD”) composed of one or more parcels of land located in the Rockside Road Development District and south of Rockside Road and east of Crossview Road to be developed under a common plan and forming in the aggregate an area of not less than 35 acres of contiguous land.  Any such ordinance shall specify the permitted uses of land in the PUD.  Those permitted uses may be different from those otherwise permitted in the Rockside Road Development District and shall include only office, retail or other commercial uses, any or all residential uses and governmental uses, or any combination of the foregoing, and uses accessory thereto or compatible therewith as determined by the Council; provided that if the PUD is to contain commercial uses, the ordinance shall (i) require a buffer zone separating such uses from residential uses existing as of January 1, 2006 in which buffer zone only governmental and residential uses and uses accessory thereto shall be permitted and (ii) prohibit big box retail, free-standing fast food, but not free-standing fast food restaurants with drive-through service on Permanent Parcel Numbers 551-19-025, 551-19-026, and 551-12-027, and automatic sales, service and repair uses.  The ordinance also shall contain set-back requirements, limitations on the heights of buildings and such other provisions, requirements, limitations and restrictions that the council determines appropriate.  Any such ordinance may also provide special regulations and procedures for the review and approval of such PUDs in lieu of the existing generally applicable planning and subdivision regulations and procedures prescribed ordinance.
   An ordinance creating or expanding a PUD, and any ordinance amending such an ordinance from time to time, shall be effective immediately upon its passage by the council and approval by the Mayor, or upon its passage after disapproval by the Mayor, as the case may be, and shall not be subject to a referendum under Article VII, Section 2 of this Charter or to the provisions of Article VIII, Section 2 or Article XIV of this Charter requiring that ordinances changing the zoning classification or district of a property or permitting uses in any zoning classification or district be submitted to and approved by the electors of the City.
(Added May 2, 2006; Amended 11-3-20.)