25-6-1   Intent
   25-6-1.1   Definitions
   25-6-1.2   General sign types
   25-6-1.3   Calculating the sign area of a sign
   25-6-1.4   General provisions
   25-6-1.5   Off-premises signs
   25-6-1.6   Sign tables
   25-6-1.7   Churches, schools, and community playhouses
   25-6-1.8   Murals
   25-6-1.9   Nonresidential; permanent window signs
   25-6-2.0   Maintenance of signs
   25-6-2   R District
   25-6-3   Public and semi-public facilities
   25-6-4   A District
   25-6-5   O-P District
   25-6-6   Repealed
   25-6-7   M-1 and M-2 Districts
   25-6-8   Setbacks; generally
   25-6-8.1   Temporary detached signs; where allowed; permit required; conditions
   25-6-9   Residence subdivision identification; permit
   25-6-10   R Districts
   25-6-11   Directional signs
   25-6-12   “For sale” and “sold” signs; R Districts
   25-6-13   Advertising construction and financing; permit
   25-6-14   Remodeling and repairing; if remodeling or repair permit required
   25-6-15   If remodeling or repair permit not required
   25-6-16   Signs; where required by law
   25-6-16.1   Billboards; where permitted
   25-6-16.2   Billboards; other regulations
   25-6-16.3   Billboards and digital regulations
   25-6-16.4   Nonconforming signs
   25-6-17   Political signs; intent of regulation
   25-6-18   Authorization; restrictions; requirements; general
   25-6-19   Specifications; R, O-P, PBC, and A Districts
   25-6-20   Sign placement; removal; time
   25-6-21   Posting; consent of property owner; public rights-of-way and property
   25-6-22   Signs in violation; notice
   25-6-23   Signs in violation; removal
   25-6-24   Signs inside buildings and structures
   25-6-25   Placards; signs; bills; posting; printing; painting; prohibited
   25-6-26   Handbills; posters; dropping; leaving; prohibited
   25-6-27   Banners; placards; advertisements; carrying; for display; prohibited
   25-6-28   Flags, banners, and temporary signs
   25-6-29   Signs; prohibited; exceptions
   25-6-30   Same; extending signs
   25-6-31   Same; permit; application; determination; revocation
   25-6-32   Signs; inspection; insecure; unsafe; owner; duty to repair or remove
   25-6-33   Same; violations; nuisance; notice; removal