Water Service System
   51.001   Water Department
   51.002   Water charges
   51.003   Agent; authority to investigate water pipes and equipment
   51.004   Unauthorized actions; fee for violation
   51.005   Shut-off valve required; owner to provide
   51.006   [Reserved]
   51.007   Metered services; bypass not permitted
   51.008   Obstruction to water meter
   51.009   [Reserved]
   51.010   Unlawful acts
   51.011   [Reserved]
   51.012   Approved check valve; when owner required to install
   51.013   Shut off by city
   51.014   Service to be provided up to property line
   51.015   [Reserved]
   51.016   [Reserved]
   51.017   [Reserved]
   51.018   Service outside corporate limits
   51.019   Operation of evaporative cooler
   51.020   Amending fees and penalties; City Council resolution
Private Water Systems
   51.035   Use of private wells restricted
   51.036   Construction and maintenance of private drainage well or pond
   51.037   Exploration and production of oil and gas
Water Wells
   51.050   Purpose
   51.051   Definitions
   51.052   Chapter applicability
   51.053   Permit; application; fee
   51.054   Inspection of location
   51.055   Permit issuance; expiration
   51.056   Construction standards
   51.057   Variances
   51.058   Permit suspension or revocation
   51.059   Nuisance; inspection for evidence
   51.060   Abatement of nuisance; written order; appeals; costs; assessment
   51.061   Abandoned wells
Potable Water Protection Regulations
   51.075   Definitions
   51.076   Cross-connections unlawful
   51.077   Auxiliary water supply unlawful
   51.078   Dangerous materials and toxic substances
   51.079   Discontinuance of water supply allowed when
   51.080   Rules and regulations established
   51.081   Testers of water supplies; certification
   51.082   Chapter enforcement
   51.083   County Health Officer and water purveyors
   51.999   Penalty
   Utilities Billing and Collection, see Chapter 53