§ 51.051  DEFINITIONS.
   For the purpose of this subchapter, the following definitions apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   ABATEMENT.  The construction, reconstruction, repair or destruction of a well so as to eliminate a nuisance caused by a well polluting or contaminating ground water.
   AGRICULTURAL WELLS.  Water wells used to supply water for irrigation or other agricultural purposes, including so-called "stock wells".
   COMMUNITY WATER SUPPLY WELL.  A water well used to supply water for domestic purposes in systems subject to California safe water drinking laws.
   CONTAMINATION.  An impairment of the quality of water to a degree which creates a hazard to the public health through poisoning or through spread of disease.
   INDIVIDUAL DOMESTIC WELL.  A water well used to supply water for domestic needs or an individual residence or commercial establishment.
   INDUSTRIAL WELLS. Water wells used to supply industry on an individual basis.
   ORDER OF ABATEMENT.  Both mandatory and prohibitory orders requiring or prohibiting one or more acts; the term shall also include those orders effective for a limited as well as an indefinite period of time and shall include modifications or restatements of any order.
   POLLUTION.  An alteration of the quality of water to a degree which unreasonably affects the waters for beneficial uses, facilities which serve the beneficial uses. POLLUTION may include contamination.
   SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC WORKS. The City Superintendent of Public Works, except that where by statute or agreement any function required of the Superintendent of Public Works hereunder has been delegated to or mandated of the County Health Officer, the function shall be fulfilled by that official pursuant to the terms of the statute or agreement.
   WELL or WATER WELL. Any artificial excavation constructed by any method for the purpose of extracting water from or injecting water into the underground. WELL or WATER WELL shall not include:
      (1)   Oil and gas wells, or geothermal wells constructed under the jurisdiction of the Department of Conservation, except those wells converted to use as water wells; or
      (2)   Wells used for the purpose of dewatering excavation during construction or stabilizing hillsides or earth embankments.
(1994 Code, § 13.12.020)  (Ord. 73-106, passed - -1973)