No person shall, within the incorporated area of the city, construct, repair, reconstruct or abandon any well unless a written permit has first been obtained from the Superintendent of Public Works as provided in this subchapter, and the work conforms to the conditions of the permit and this subchapter. Applications for the permits shall be made on the forms provided for that purpose and in accordance with procedure established by the city. Each application shall be accompanied by a filing fee set by resolution of the City Council. No part of the fee shall be refundable. Within ten business days after receipt of the application, the Superintendent of Public Works shall either grant, conditionally grant or deny the permit. If the application is not acted upon within the ten-day period, the application shall be deemed granted. A permit shall not be issued if, in the judgment of the Superintendent of Public Works, the well may jeopardize the health, safety or welfare of the people of the city. Construction, reconstruction, repair and destruction of welts shall be performed by a contractor with a C-57 Contracting License, or an equivalent issued by the Department of Professional and Vocational Standards; provided, however, that, a property owner may construct, reconstruct, repair or destruct a well on his or her own property, which well serves or will serve that property that is neither being offered for sale nor intended to be so offered.
(1994 Code, § 13.12.040)  (Ord. 73-106, passed - -1973)