All taxicab and/or transit vehicle drivers shall apply for and obtain a taxicab and/or transit vehicle driver license. Said license shall be issued for the calendar year and shall be obtained on or before January 1 of each year.
   (a)   An independent and/or subcontractor driver shall complete a City of Salem Contractor/Subcontractor/1099 Registration Form as detailed in Chapter 1145 of the Codified Ordinances and pay the fee detailed in Section 1145.03 .
   (b)   A Regular employee driver shall pay the same fee as in Section 733.10 (a).
   (c)   All drivers shall present a current Ohio Driver's License, current address and telephone number as well as a current original color photograph of the driver which shall be two inches by two inches showing the head and shoulders in a clear and distinguishing manner.
   (d)   Every duly licensed taxicab and/or transit vehicle driver shall receive a Salem City license with photo attached. Each driver shall display his/her license, clearly visible to all passengers, while operating a taxicab and/or transit vehicle.
      (Ord. 130702-54. Passed 7-16-13.)