Sexually Oriented Businesses
739.01   Purpose and findings.
739.02   Definitions.
739.03   License required.
739.04   Issuance of licenses.
739.05   Fees.
739.06   Location requirements.
739.07   Inspection.
739.08   Expiration of license.
739.09   Suspension and revocation.
739.10   Appeals.
739.11   Transfer of license.
739.12   Additional regulations regarding enlargement of sexually oriented businesses.
739.13   Regulations pertaining to exhibition of sexually explicit films, videos or live entertainment in viewing rooms.
739.14   Additional regulations to prevent physical contact with patrons.
739.15   Additional regulations for escort agencies.
739.16   Additional regulations for nude model studios.
739.17   Additional regulations.
739.18   Prohibition against children in an adult entertainment business.
739.19   Hours of operation.
739.20   Violations and penalties.
739.21   Severability.
Obscenity and sex offenses - see GEN. OFF. Ch. 533