Municipal Automobile Renting Occupation Tax
   122.01   Imposition; rate
   122.02   Report required; payment
Municipal Automobile Renting Use Tax
   122.10   Imposition; rate
   122.11   Collection
Municipal Replacement Vehicle Tax
   122.20   Imposition; rate
   122.21   Report required; payment
Tax Abatement Program for New Nonresidential Development
   122.30   Creation
   122.31   Eligibility
   122.32   Application; review by Mayor's Council for Economic Development
   122.33   Decision of Village Board
   122.34   Documents
Hotel and Motel Room Tax
   122.40   Definitions
   122.41   Tax rate
   122.42   Books and records
   122.43   Transmittal of tax revenue
   122.44   Collection
   122.45   Proceeds of tax and fines
Occupation Taxes
   122.50   Home Rule Municipal Retailer’s Occupation Tax; imposition
   122.51   Municipal Service Occupation Tax; imposition
   122.52   Collection and enforcement
   122.53   Municipal Cannabis Retailers’ Occupation Tax
Motor Fuel Tax
   122.60   Motor Fuel Tax
Food and Beverage Tax
   122.65   Definitions
   122.66   Imposition of tax
   122.67   Collection and administration of tax
   122.68   Enforcement; penalties
Municipal Real Estate Transfer Tax
   122.70   Definitions
   122.71   Tax imposed
   122.72   Liability for tax
   122.73   Declaration forms
   122.74   Deeds; exemptions
   122.75   Revenue stamps required
   122.76   Transfer in trust or transfer of controlling interest in a real estate entity owning property within the village
   122.77   Recordation of deeds
   122.78   Proceeds of tax
   122.79   Violation of provisions
   122.80   Payment of other municipal charges and accounts
   122.81   Refund of tax
Municipal Gas Use Tax
   122.90   Short title
   122.91   Definitions
   122.92   Tax imposed
   122.93   Collection of tax
   122.94   Books and records
   122.95   Application of tax to large users
   122.99   Penalty