Sec. 7-144. Commercial Kennels, Pet Shops, Breeders, And Animal Rescuers And Rehabilitators:
   (a)   Definitions:
   Animal Care Facility: An animal control center or animal shelter, maintained by or under contract with any state, county, or municipality, whose mission and practice is, in whole, or significant part, the rescue and placement of animals in permanent homes or rescue organizations.
   Animal Rescue Organization: Any not-for-profit organization which has tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code, whose mission and practice is, in whole or in significant part, the rescue and placement of animals in permanent homes. This term does not include any entity, which is, or is housed on the premises of, a breeder or broker, obtains dogs from a breeder or broker in exchange for payment or compensation, or resells dogs obtained from a breeder or broker and provides payment or compensation to such breeder or broker.
   Breeder: A person or persons who own or breed dogs and/or cats primarily for personal recreational use, such as participation in recognized conformation shows, field or obedience trials, racing, scenting, specialized hunting or working trials, and water trials, and for the purpose of improving the physical soundness, temperament, and conformation of a given breed to standard, such person to sell or exchange, at retail only, and other than for purposes of research, testing, or experimentation, dogs or cats bred from male/female dogs or cats owned or leased by the breeders.
   Commercial Kennel: A structure or premises where dogs and cats over four (4) months of age are kept, or boarded for commercial purposes, excluding animal hospitals, clinics and pet shops.
   Offer for Sale: To sell, offer for sale or adoption, advertise for the sale of, barter, auction, give away or otherwise dispose of an animal including dogs and cats.
   Pet Shop: A retail establishment where live animals are sold, exchanged, bartered or offered for sale as pet animals to the general public at retail. Such definition shall not include an animal care facility or animal rescue organization, as defined.
   (b)   No pet shop shall sell, deliver, offer for sale, barter, auction, give away, or otherwise transfer or dispose of cats or dogs. Nothing in this section shall prohibit pet stores from collaborating with animal care facilities or animal rescue organizations to offer space for such entities to showcase adoptable dogs and cats. (Ord. 002-2020, 1- 13-2020)