Uniform Delinquent Utility Users Policy and Procedures
   50.001   “Utility” defined
   50.002   Liability for payment of all charges
   50.003   Bills due when; penalty for late payment
   50.004   Delinquent bills
   50.005   Reconnections
   50.006   Delinquent policy for level pay customers
   50.007   Payment plans
   50.008   Deposit policy for delinquent customers
   50.009   Termination involving master metered apartment buildings
   50.010   Dispute resolution procedure
   50.011   Bad checks
   50.012   Lien
   50.013   Collection actions
Extraterritorial Utility Services
   50.025   Policy
   50.026   Exemptions
   50.027   Applicability
   50.028   Annexation petitions; village to bear costs
   50.029   No obligation to institute service
Uniform Policy Regarding Utility Billing Rebates and Credits
   50.040   Time period; limit
   50.041   Cash rebate; credit
   50.042   Funds to which credits and rebates are applied
Utility Rates and Tap Charges
   50.055   General
   50.056   Definitions
   50.057   Electric rates and charges
   50.058   Electric system tap fees
   50.059   Water and sewer rates and charges
   50.060   Water and sewer system tap fees
   50.061   Gas system rates
   50.062   Gas system tap fees
   50.063   Special rates
   50.064   Temporary services
   50.065   Additional tap fee and utility update regulations
   50.066   Regulations for customer-initiated and emergency disconnections
   50.067   Additional regulations regarding rates
   50.068   Charges for use of village equipment
   50.069   Utility deposits
   50.070   Economic incentives for new commercial projects
   50.999   Penalty