§ 118.27  NUISANCE PER SE.
   Violations of §§ 154.01 through 154.03, 118.03, 118.08, 118.09, 118.11, 118.12, 118.16, 118.21, 118.22, or 118.26 shall constitute a nuisance per se, whether or not the violations are repeated or intentional, subject to abatement at the expense of the person or persons creating, causing, committing, or maintaining any of these violations. Where a violation of a valid ordinance is proven, the cost, including court costs and attorney's fees relating to any proof, shall be recoverable in addition to any other abatement related costs, both as a personal obligation of the violator and of the property owner owning the property where the violation occurred, and as a lien against that property, in accordance with the procedures set forth in Cal. Gov't Code §§ 38773, 38773.1 or 38773.5 as they exist now or may be amended or recodified in the future. The City Attorney may, in addition to or in lieu of prosecuting a criminal action or revoking the appropriate permits, commence an action or actions, proceeding or proceedings for the abatement, removal and enjoinment thereof in the manner provided by law, and shall take such other steps and shall apply to such other court or courts as may have jurisdiction to grant such a relief as will abate or remove such adult entertainment business and restrain and enjoin any person from operating, conducting, or maintaining an adult entertainment business contrary to the provisions of this Code of Ordinances.
(Ord. 2000-07, passed 6-26-00)  Penalty, see § 10.99
   Zoning of Adult Entertainment Businesses, see Ch. 154