ORDINANCE NO. 2020 - 1
   WHEREAS, the Village of Reedsville, Wisconsin, is currently processing a grant and loan for upgrades to the village of Reedsville wastewater utility (“new financing”}; and
   WHEREAS, the new financing is in addition to existing financing provided by the USDA acting through the Farmers Home Administration  in 2006; and
   WHEREAS, the village Board adopted Ordinance No. 2006-4 with respect to the existing financing requirements and intends to amend and update Ordinance No. 2006-4 to be consistent with the new financing project;
   NOW THEREFORE, The Village Board of the village of Reedsville, Wisconsin, pursuant to its police powers, hereby amends Ordinance No. 2006-4 which establishes the Sewer Utility of the Village of Reedsville and establishes sewer rates, rules and regulations concerning the government thereof and the uses and penalties thereof, and  hereby ordains as follows:
Section 1.00  DEFINITIONS is amended to add the following definitions:
VILLAGE shall mean the village of Reedsville, Manitowoc County, Wisconsin.
VILLAGE BOARD shall mean the trustees of the Village of Reedsville, Manitowoc County, Wisconsin.
A.  Section 4.06 SEPTIC TANK AND HOLDING TANK DISPOSAL is amended by revising the title and the first three paragraphs thereof as follows:
No person in the business of gathering and disposing of holding tank sewage shall transfer such material into any disposal area or sewer manhole located within the Village boundaries unless a permit for disposal has been first obtained from the Village Board or its designee. Written application for this permit shall be made to the Board and shall state the name and address of the applicant; the name of its disposal unit; and the size, make, model, and license number of each unit. Permits shall be non-transferrable except in the case of replacement of the disposal unit for which a permit shall have been originally issued. The permit may be obtained upon payment of a fee of $25 per calendar year. The Board may impose such conditions as it deems necessary on any permit granted.
Charges for a disposal shall be $6.00 per one thousand (1000) gallons plus $6.00 per load for holding tank sewage. Bills shall be mailed on a monthly basis and if payments are not received within 30 days thereof, disposal privileges shall be suspended.
Any person disposing of holding tank sewage agrees to provide public liability insurance in an amount not less than $100,000 to protect any and all persons or property from injury and/or damage arising out of and caused by any act or failure to act by the person disposing of the septic tank sewage, his/her employees and agents. The person disposing of the septic tank sewage shall furnish a certificate certifying such insurance coverage to be in full force and effect prior to issuance of the permit referred to in this section.
B. The remaining paragraphs of Section 4.06 are hereby incorporated by reference, affirmed, and ratified.
A. Section 5.06 Sewer Rates (A) (1) and (2) are revoked and substituted therefor are the Sewer Rates plus Volume Charge-Sewer shown on the Monthly Utility Service Rates attached hereto as Attachment A and incorporated herein by reference. The current rates for sewer on a monthly basis are $15.45 for meter sizes from 5/8ths to 3 inches, plus a volume charge of $11.36 per one thousand gallons per month.
B. Any future modification to the Sewer Rates may be made by resolution duly adopted by the Village Board which shall be in lieu of, and with the same force and effect as, adoption of an amending ordinance.
Section 5.06 Sewer Rates (B) is revoked and substituted therefor the following:
(B). All charges for sewerage service shall be made monthly and shall be payable on the first day of each month. A 3% penalty shall be added to those bills not paid on or before the 20 th day after the due date of the bill with a 30-cent minimum penalty charge. The failure to receive a bill shall not excuse non-payment. Sewerage service charges shall be a lien on the property serviced according to Sections 66.0809 and 74.01, Wis. Stats.
Section 6.01 Mandatory Hookup (B) is amended to delete Section 144.06 Wisconsin Statutes, and substitute therefor Section 66.0609, Wis. Stat.
Section 6.03 Penalty for Improper Use (C) is amended to add as a prohibited discharge to any sanitary sewer the following: 
(11) Septic Tank Sludge and Sewage.
Section 6.05 Penalties (A) is amended to delete the amount of forfeiture of not less than $10.00 nor more than $200.00, and substitute therefor the amount of forfeiture shall be not less than $200.00 nor more than $5.00 plus the costs of prosecution.
Except as herein amended, Ordinance No. 2006-4 is hereby ratified and affirmed.
Adopted on September 10, 2020.
Jesse Walt, President
Mary Jo Krahn, Clerk-Treasurer
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