A.   Parallel Parking: No person shall park any vehicle upon the streets in the village if such vehicle is not parked parallel to the right hand curb not more than twelve inches (12") from the curb, except where appropriate markings on the village streets have been placed, which indicate a different angle of parking.
   B.   Not To Use More Than One Space: No person shall use more than one parking space to park a vehicle in the village if such parking space has been indicated by appropriate markings.
   C.   Time Limit: No person shall park any vehicle for a longer length of time than limitations permit as designated by posted signs as authorized by the village board. (Ord. 340.001, 3-15-1982)
   D.   Restrictions On Certain Streets: Parking shall be restricted to one and one-half (11/2) hour time limit on Manitowoc Street between Third Street and two hundred feet (200') west of Fourth Street on both sides of the street during the hours of seven thirty o'clock (7:30) A.M. to four thirty o'clock (4:30) P.M., excluding weekends and holidays. (Ord., 10-17-1994)