A.   General Requirements: No person shall move any building or structure upon any of the public ways of the village without first obtaining a permit therefor from the village clerk and upon payment of the required fee. The applicant for the permit shall be a qualified building mover. The application for the permit shall include photographs of the building, a site plan showing the lot and the building dimensions, the required bond, and any other reasonable requirements of the building inspector or village board.
   B.   Compliance With Building Code: Any building or structure moved within the village shall conform with the provisions of this chapter for new buildings and structures unless the building inspector determines the compliance is not practicable. No building or structure shall be moved, in whole or in part, to any location on the same lot or to any other lot unless such building or structure to be moved shall conform to all requirements of the zoning district. The building or structure to be moved shall conform with the existing buildings in the area in which it is to be moved as determined by the village board in order to preserve the orderly planning and safety of the village of Reedsville.
   C.   Unsafe Or Unfit Buildings: No permit shall be issued by the village clerk if, in the reasonable judgment of the building inspector, the building or structure proposed to be moved is deemed structurally unsafe.
   D.   Bond Requirement: Before a permit to move any building or structure is issued by the village clerk, the applicant shall provide a bond in the sum of ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00) to the village of Reedsville to be executed by a corporate surety or two (2) personal sureties to be approved by the village board or designated agent conditioned upon, among other things, the indemnification to the village for all costs or expense incurred by it in connection with any claims for damages to any persons or property and the payment of any judgment, together with the costs and expenses incurred by the village in connection therewith arising out of the removal of the building for which the permit is issued. In the event the building inspector deems the amount of the bond at ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00) is not appropriate under all of the circumstances, the building inspector may request the village board to establish a different bond amount. (Ord. 4-00, 8-22-2000)
   E.   Indemnity Agreement: No permit shall be granted hereunder unless the applicant shall file with the village clerk an agreement to indemnify the village for all damages, liability, costs or expenses that may arise from the granting of the permit. (1968 Code § 6.09; amd. Ord. 4-00, 8-22-2000)
   F.   Conditions Of Approval: Every permit issued hereunder shall state all conditions to be complied with, shall designate the route to be taken, and shall limit the time during which the moving operations shall be continued. Restrictions shall follow weight limits on village streets. No movement of buildings will be allowed on village streets when frost is coming out of the ground.
   G.   Continuous Movement: The removal of a building shall be a continuous operation during all hours of the day if the building inspector so orders until such movement is fully completed. All such operations shall be performed with the least possible obstruction to thoroughfares. No building shall be allowed to remain overnight upon any street crossing or intersection or so near thereto as to prevent easy access to any fire hydrant or other public facility. Warning lights shall be kept in conspicuous places at each end of the building during the night. The route and time of moving shall be approved in writing by the village board.
   H.   Repair To Streets: Every person receiving a permit to move a building or structure shall, within one day after said building reaches its destination, report that fact to the village clerk who shall report the same to the village president. The village president or designee shall inspect the streets, curbs, and gutters over which said building has been moved and ascertain their condition. If the removal of said building has caused any damage to any street, curb, or gutter, the person to whom the permit was issued shall immediately place them in as good repair as they were before the permit was granted. On the failure of said permit holder to do so within ten (10) days thereafter to the satisfaction of the village board acting through the village president, the village shall order the repair of the damage to such street, curb or gutter and hold the person obtaining such permit and sureties of the bond given responsible for the payment of same.
   I.   Conformance With Code: No permit shall be issued to move a building within the village until the building inspector has made an investigation of such building at the location from which it is to be moved and is satisfied from such investigation that said building is in a sound and stable condition and of such construction that it will meet the requirements of this building code in all respects. A complete plan of all further repairs, improvements, and remodeling with reference to such building shall be submitted to the building inspector and the building inspector shall make a finding of fact to the effect that all such repairs, improvements, and remodeling are in conformity with the requirements of this building code and that when the same are completed, the building as such will so comply with said building code. In the event a building is to be moved from the village to some point outside the boundaries thereof, the provisions with respect to the furnishing of plans and specifications for proposed alterations to such building may be disregarded.
   J.   Utilities, Trees, Overhead Obstructions: Every person receiving a permit to move a building or structure shall be responsible for obtaining all permits required by the utilities involved and any other applicable parties of interest. Damage done to any utilities shall be reported to that utility. The permit holder shall be responsible for payment of all damages to any utility or overhead obstruction. The permit holder shall be responsible for payment of the estimated costs of trimming, removal, and replacement of public trees as determined by the village board, prior to the issuance of the permit. (Ord. 4-00, 8-22-2000)