A.   New Construction: No one-family or two-family dwelling, the initial construction of which shall commence after the effective date hereof, shall be built, enlarged, altered, or repaired unless a building permit for that work shall first be obtained by the owner, or the owner's agent from the Village Clerk. Applications for a building permit shall be made in writing upon that form designated by the Village and the Wisconsin uniform dwelling permit application, furnished by the Wisconsin Department of Commerce, through the Village Clerk. There shall be submitted with the application, a complete set of plans and specifications, showing the location of the proposed building with respect to adjacent streets, alleys, lot lines and buildings. Plans for buildings required to comply with commercial or industrial Building Codes shall bear a stamp of approval from the State of Wisconsin.
   B.   Additions And Alterations: No person shall, in excess of three hundred dollars ($300.00) in cost of material and labor, build, add onto and/or alter any building within the scope of this chapter without first obtaining a building permit for such work from the Village Clerk. Any structural changes or major changes shall require permits. Restoration or repair of an installation (re-siding, reroofing, new windows, replace concrete) to its previous code compliant condition is exempt from permit requirements. (Ord. 04-00, 8-22-2000)
   C.   Building Permit Fees: Before receiving building permits, the owner or his agent must pay the following permit fees into the Village Treasury:
$40.00 for first $2,000.00 in value and $2.00 for every $1,000.00 thereafter
(Ord. 2018-1, 3-8-2018)
In addition to the established schedule of fees, the building permit fee shall include all costs for inspections and other out of pocket costs and expenses incurred by the Village. The applicant shall deposit the fee, including inspection costs, with the Village Clerk prior to issuance of the building permit. (Ord. 2005-3, 12-19-2005, eff. 1-1-2006)
   D.   Issuance Of Permit: If the building inspector finds that the proposed building or addition, alteration or repair complies with all Village ordinances and the Uniform Dwelling Code, and all fees have been paid by the applicant, the building inspector shall approve the application and a building permit shall be issued to the applicant. The issued building permit shall be posted in a conspicuous place at the building site. A copy of any issued building permits shall be kept on file with the Village Clerk.
   E.   Occupancy Permit: Pursuant to Wisconsin Administrative Code section comm. 20.10, the dwelling shall not be occupied until a final inspection has been made which finds that no violations of this chapter exist that could reasonably be expected to affect the health and safety of the occupant. The owner or owner's contractor shall be responsible for notifying the building inspector when the dwelling is available for a final inspection. (Ord. 4-00, 8-22-2000)
   F.   Expiration: Every permit issued by the Village Clerk shall expire by limitation and become null and void, if the building or work authorized by such a permit is not commenced within one hundred eighty (180) days from the date of such permit. Before such work can be continued, a new permit must first be obtained and the fee thereafter shall be one-half (1/2) the amount required for a new building permit, provided no changes have been made or will be made in the original plans and specifications for such work. (Ord. 4-00, 8-22-2000; amd. Ord. 2002-2, 4-1-2002)