A.   Fire Chief Appointed: The fire chief shall hold the office of fire inspector, with power to appoint one or more deputy fire inspectors, who shall perform the same duties and have the same powers as the fire inspector.
   B.   Inspections For Fire Hazards: The fire inspector shall inspect quarterly all commercial, industrial and public buildings and premises within the village for the purpose of noting and causing to be corrected any condition liable to cause fire.
   C.   Permits For Inflammable Liquids Storage: The inspector shall investigate and issue permits in accordance with the regulations of the state industrial commission for the storage and handling of explosives and inflammable liquids within the village. He shall perform such other duties as required by the state industrial commission.
   D.   Fire Hazard As Nuisance; Removal: Whenever or wherever in the village any inspection by the fire chief or his deputies reveals a fire hazard, the chief or his deputies shall serve a notice in writing upon the owner of the property giving said owner a reasonable time in which to remove the hazard. In the event that the fire hazard is not removed within the time allowed, it shall be deemed a nuisance. The fire chief or his deputy is authorized to have the same removed by the village, and the cost of such removal shall be recovered in an action by the village against the owner of the property.
   E.   Record Of Inspections: The chief shall keep a written record card of each property inspected which shall conform to the requirements of the industrial commission and shall make the quarterly report of inspections required by the industrial commission.
   F.   Right Of Access And Interference: No person shall deny the chief or his deputies free access to any property within the village at any reasonable time for the purpose of making fire inspections. No person shall hinder or obstruct the fire inspector in the performance of his duty or refuse to observe any lawful direction given by him. (1968 Code § 4.03)