A.   General Supervision: The chief of the fire department shall have general supervision of the department, subject to this chapter and the bylaws of the department and shall be responsible for the personnel and general efficiency of the department.
   B.   Control And Care Of Apparatus:
      1.   The chief shall have control of all apparatus used by the department and shall be responsible for its proper maintenance. Emergency repairs may be authorized by the chief.
      2.   No apparatus shall be used for any purpose except for firefighting within the village limits or surrounding townships under contract to the village, or in training therefor, except pursuant to an agreement approved by the board after the chief has given his recommendations on such use. With the approval of the chief, such apparatus may be used for emergency purposes other than firefighting. A written report of all such uses shall be made quarterly to the board.
      3.   The chief shall keep an inventory of all apparatus and equipment and an inventory of all hoses, showing dates and results of tests on each length, which shall be individually identified.
   C.   Command At Fire: The chief shall be present at all fires, have complete command of and entire responsibility for all firefighting operations, plan the control of the same, direct the action of the companies when they arrive at a fire, observe that every company does its duty, grant leaves of absence at a fire when he may deem it proper and shall see that the fire apparatus is kept in proper condition at all times.
   D.   Fire Record Book: The chief shall keep a fire record book of every fire to which the department was called and shall enter in such book the locality of such fire, time the alarm was received, cause of the fire, where the fire started, cause of delay (if any) in responding, method of extinguishment and equipment used, amount of insurance carried on the building and contents, estimated fire loss, time fire was extinguished, names of men responding and general remarks.
   E.   Enforcement Of Fire Prevention Rules: The chief shall enforce all fire prevention regulations of the village and state laws and regulations pertaining to fire prevention methods and on the activities of the department.
   F.   Reports To Board: The chief shall submit a written report to the board not later than February 1 of each year, at such other times as he deems desirable, relating to the conditions of the various pieces of apparatus and appurtenances, the number of fires occurring since the previous report, the date of same and loss occasioned thereby, the number of members of the department, the number of active members in the department and resignations and expulsions from the department. He shall also report upon the drill and training program of the department, together with other pertinent information, including recommendations of such improvements, as he deems proper and necessary for the operation of the department.
   G.   Annual Budget Estimate: Not later than October 1 of each year, the chief shall file with the village clerk a detailed estimate of the appropriations needed for the conduct of the department during the ensuing fiscal year 1 .
   H.   General Duties: He shall perform such other duties as are incumbent on the commanding officer of the fire department. (1968 Code § 4.01)



1. See section 1-7-2 of this code.