A.   The mobile home park owner agrees to supply a copy of their rental agreement application and the village building inspector's approved occupant report before the mobile home can be moved into the park.
   B.   The mobile home applicant agrees to install, provide, and maintain adequate, temporary sanitary facilities at the site during installation which are sufficient to prevent a public health hazard.
   C.   The mobile home applicant's plan will prevent any public nuisance associated with noise, dust, odors, fires, explosions, water pollution, and erosion.
   D.   The mobile home applicant will install and maintain adequate physical structures and/or operational controls to prevent trespassing, littering, and discharge of waste and to prevent nuisances on private and public lands adjacent to the mobile home site during installation.
   E.   A single-family mobile home can be no less than nine hundred eighty (980) square feet in area excluding the hitch, built on a permanent chassis, designed to be used as a dwelling, and includes the plumbing, heating, air conditioning and electrical systems contained in it.
   F.   The mobile home will be permanently affixed to the real estate and all electric, water, and septic connections will be made, so as to be an integral part thereof within thirty (30) days from the date of installation.
   G.   The mobile home will be provided with compatible permanent skirting properly installed and maintained. The skirting shall be installed within ninety (90) days of installation of the mobile home. A permanent foundation, wall, or basement may be erected to support any mobile home in lieu of the above requirement for skirting.
   H.   The mobile home must meet all health regulations in respect to water, septic disposal and sanitation.
   I.   If the physical condition of a mobile home presence is a threat to the health and safety of its occupants or others, or by its physical appearance, disrupts the right of enjoyment and use of the community by others, the tenancy may be terminated 1 . (Ord. 2010-8, 10-18-2010)



1. WSA 710.15(5m)(h).