A.   Procedure: Except as hereinafter provided, the provisions of sections 125.12(2)(a) and 125.12(2)(b)(c), Wisconsin statutes, shall be applicable to proceedings for the revocation or suspension of all licenses or permits granted under this chapter. Revocation or suspension proceedings may be instituted by the village board upon its own motion by adoption of a resolution. (Ord., 10-2-1995)
   B.   Suspension Of License: The village president or his authorized representative, upon obtaining reasonable information that any licensee has violated any provision of this chapter or any state or federal liquor or fermented malt beverage law or committed any felony, may suspend the license or permit of such person for a period not to exceed ten (10) days, pending hearing by the village board pursuant to subsection A of this section. (1968 Code § 10.01; amd. 1981 Code)
   C.   Automatic Revocation: Any license or permit issued under the provisions of this chapter shall stand revoked without further proceedings upon the conviction of a licensee or permittee or his employee, agent or representative of a second offense under this chapter or chapter 125, Wisconsin statutes, or any felony. (Ord., 10-2-1995)
   D.   Revocation For Nonuse: Any license or permit issued hereunder may be revoked if not used within thirty (30) days after issuance or if its use is discontinued for thirty (30) days or more.
   E.   Repossession Of License Or Permit: If any license or permit issued under this chapter which shall be revoked or suspended by the village board, president or action of any court, or pursuant to subsection C of this section, it shall be the duty of the village clerk to notify the licensee or permittee of such suspension or revocation and to notify the appropriate village official who shall take physical possession of the license or permit wherever it may be found and file such permit in the clerk's office. (1968 Code § 10.01; amd. 1981 Code)