In addition to the requirements imposed by provisions of the Wisconsin statutes adopted by reference in section 3-1-1 of this chapter, the following restrictions shall apply to the issuance of licenses or permits pursuant to this chapter: (1968 Code § 10.01; amd. 1981 Code)
   A.   Requirements For Licenses: No license or permit shall be issued to any person who is not twenty one (21) years of age or over, of good moral character, a citizen of the United States and the state of Wisconsin and a resident of the state continuously for one year prior to application. This subsection shall not apply to Wisconsin corporations but shall apply to all officers and directors of any such corporation. No more than two (2) class A or B licenses shall be issued in the state to any one person, and in each application the applicant shall state that he has not applied for another such license within the state. (Ord., 10-2-1995)
   B.   Location: No retail class A or B intoxicating liquor license shall be issued for premises less than three hundred feet (300') from an established public school, parochial school, hospital or church, except those licensed on June 30, 1947.
   C.   Effect Of Revocation Of License: No license shall be issued for any premises if a license covering such premises has been revoked within six (6) months prior to application. No license shall be issued to any person who has had a license, issued pursuant to this chapter, revoked within twelve (12) months prior to application. (1968 Code § 10.01; amd. 1981 Code)
   D.   Inspection Of Application And Premises: The village clerk shall notify the fire chief and building inspector of all license and permit applications, and these officials shall inspect or cause to be inspected such application and premises to determine whether the applicant and the premises sought to be licensed comply with the regulations, ordinances and laws applicable thereto and the applicant's fitness for the trust to be imposed. These officials shall furnish to the village board, in writing, the information derived from such investigation. No license or permit provided for in this chapter shall be issued without the approval of the village board. (Ord. 2012-2, 4-16-2012)
   E.   Health And Sanitation: No license shall be issued for any premises which do not conform to the sanitary, safety and health requirements of the state industrial commission and the state board of health and to all such ordinances and regulations adopted by the village. Every premises for which a license is issued, except a single day (picnic) license, must be connected to the village's sewer and water systems 1 .
   F.   Tax Delinquencies: No license shall be granted for operation on any premises upon which taxes or assessments or other financial claims of the village are delinquent or unpaid.
   G.   Unobstructed View Required: All windows of any licensed premises shall be of clear glass and the premises shall be so arranged as to furnish a clear view of the entire premises from the sidewalk. There shall be no partition, box stalls, screens, curtains, plants, advertising placard or other devices which shall obstruct the view of said premises from the general observation of persons passing, provided, booths not higher than forty eight inches (48") from the floor shall not be construed as in conflict with the foregoing provisions; and provided further, retail class B licenses shall permit the holder to serve such beverages in a separate room at banquets and dinners. All blinds, curtains or other obstructions to a clear view of the inside of all premises shall be open and drawn aside during the hours the premises are required to be closed.
   H.   Street Level: Except in the sole discretion of the village board, class B licenses will not be issued for premises above or below the street level, but this shall not prohibit service by hotels or clubs to bona fide guests or members.
   I.   Employee's Age Limit: No retail class B licensee shall employ any person under eighteen (18) years of age, but this shall not apply to hotels, restaurants or combination grocery stores and taverns where not to exceed twenty percent (20%) of the gross revenue is derived from the sale of fermented malt beverages or intoxicating liquors thereof to which women are customarily admitted. This shall not apply to nightclubs.
   J.   Restrictions On Clubs: No club shall sell fermented malt beverages or intoxicating liquors except to members and guests invited by members.
   K.   Sale On Credit Or Trade In Prohibited: No retail class A or B licensee shall sell or offer to sell any fermented malt beverage or intoxicating liquor to any person on credit, excepting credit extended by a hotel or club to a resident guest or bona fide member, and by grocers and druggists who maintain a credit system in connection with other purchases as well. No licensee shall sell fermented malt beverages or intoxicating liquor to any person on a passbook or store order or receive from any person any goods, wares, merchandise or other articles in exchange for fermented malt beverages or intoxicating liquor.
   L.   Disorder Or Indecency Prohibited: Each licensed premises shall be conducted at all times in an orderly manner, and no disorderly, riotous or indecent conduct shall be allowed at any time on any licensed premises.
   M.   Gambling Prohibited: No gambling or game of chance shall be permitted upon the licensed premises. Slot machines or any device of chance are prohibited and shall not be kept upon the premises. (1968 Code § 10.01; amd. 1981 Code)



1. See title 2, chapter 2 of this code.