Application for a license issued under chapter 125, Wisconsin statutes, shall be made as required in section 125.04(3), Wisconsin statutes. Each application shall be accompanied by the cost of publication required under section 125.04(3), Wisconsin statutes. Opportunity shall be given by the village board to any person to be heard for or against the granting of any license. Upon the approval of the application by the village board, the village clerk shall issue the applicant a license. Each license shall be numbered in the order in which issued and shall specifically state the premises for which issued, the date of issuance, the fee paid, and the name of the licensee. Except as provided in section 3-1-5 of this chapter, all licenses shall remain in force until July 1 next after the granting thereof, unless sooner revoked in the manner provided herein. No license shall be transferable, either as to license or location, except as provided by section 125.04(3), Wisconsin statutes, and except that the village board may authorize a transfer of location, if the licensed premises shall become unsuitable for occupancy. (Ord., 10-2-1995)