A.   When Required: No person, except as provided by section 3-1-1 of this chapter, shall distribute, vend, sell, offer or keep for sale at retail or wholesale, deal or traffic in, or, for the purpose of evading any law or ordinance of the village, give away any intoxicating liquor and fermented malt beverage or cause the same to be done, without having procured a license or permit as provided in this chapter, nor without complying with all the provisions of this chapter and all statutes, ordinances and regulations of the state and village applicable thereto.
   B.   Separate License Required For Each Place: A separate license shall be required for each premises where intoxicating liquor and fermented malt beverages are kept, sold or offered for sale; and no license shall be issued to any person for the purpose of possessing, selling or offering for sale any intoxicating liquor or fermented malt beverage in any dwelling house, flat or residential apartment. (Ord., 11-7-1978; amd. 1981 Code)