All ordinances described in this chapter remain in effect after adoption of the City Code. They are of a permanent and continuing nature as authority for a specific act which has been performed. These ordinances are of two types, that generally distinguish them from other provisions of the City Code, either (1) their texts have no continuing reference value, or (2) they are in the nature of a contract and of only occasional reference value. For these reasons it appears justified to list and describe them here only to facilitate finding them in the event this becomes necessary.
         — Adoption of Codification
         — Establish Public Library
         — Operate Traffic Violations Bureau
         — Authorize Issuance and Sale of Bonds
         — Final Plat Approved for Redwood Square
         — Uniform Election Day Law
         — Moratorium on Adult Entertainment Uses
         — Charter Amendment
         — Parking Ordinance Repealed
         — Naming of Street
         — Electric Franchise
         — Gas Franchise
         — Cable TV Franchise
         — Residential Municipal Solid Waste Collect and Hauling Franchise
         — Telephone Company Franchise for Right to Use the City Rights-of-Way
         — Sale, Transfer and Exchange of Real Estate
         — Vacating Streets and Alleys
         — Annexation
         — Zoning Map Amendments
         — Opting-Out of the Requirements of Minnesota Statutes