A.   The base rent for purposes of this chapter shall be the last space rent approved pursuant to ordinance 1783 of the city. Base rent or space rent may be adjusted no more than once each year, and the effective date of the adjustment may not be sooner than twelve (12) months after the effective date of previously approved rent adjustment. Except as hereinafter provided, no park owner shall demand, accept or retain rent for a mobilehome space exceeding the base rent in effect for such space.
   B.   Each year, a mobilehome park owner, or a majority of mobilehome owners and mobilehome owner-occupants within a mobilehome park and represented by signed petitions, may submit an application on the city's form for an adjustment in space rent in an amount equal to the proportional increase or decrease in the CPI The CPI shall cover the period of time beginning on the first day of the month which is five (5) months prior to the effective date of the last rent adjustment and ending on the last day of the month which is five (5) full months prior to the month of the date noticed for the requested rent adjustment; provided, however, that such increase or decrease shall be limited to three-fourths (3/4) of any percentage in excess of four percent (4%) through nine percent (9%) and twenty five percent (25%) of any percentage in excess of nine percent (9%). Each such application must be accompanied by evidence that notice of the proposed adjustment has been served to each affected mobilehome owner-occupant at least sixty (60) days prior to the proposed effective date. This subsection shall not be construed to relieve the mobilehome park owner of the duty to provide notice of a rent increase or to perform any other duty imposed by state law.
   C.   City staff shall calculate and approve the formula rent adjustment in the amount requested, not to exceed the amount authorized herein.
   D.   For the purpose of consolidating anniversary dates for rent increases permitted under this chapter for leases expiring pursuant to subsection 5.48.030F of this chapter, the mobilehome park owner may file a petition with the commission to increase rents in accordance with the following table:
Number Of Months Since Last Rent Increase
Allowable Rent Increase (Percent Of Base Rent)
Number Of Months Since Last Rent Increase
Allowable Rent Increase (Percent Of Base Rent)
100 percent of adjusted CPI
108 percent of adjusted CPI
117 percent of adjusted CPI
125 percent of adjusted CPI
133 percent of adjusted CPI
142 percent of adjusted CPI
150 percent of adjusted CPI
158 percent of adjusted CPI
166 percent of adjusted CPI
175 percent of adjusted CPI
183 percent of adjusted CPI
191 percent of adjusted CPI
The burden of proof to show that the rent increases set out above for the purposes of consolidating anniversary dates and the number of months since the last rent increase is accurate shall be upon the mobilehome park owner and shall be filed on the city's forms. Where there is an anniversary date for at least twenty five percent (25%) of the spaces in an affected park, the mobilehome park owner shall consolidate all leases expiring after January 1, 1993, to that date within twenty four (24) months of the expiration of the lease. For determining whether twenty five percent (25%) of the spaces share an anniversary date, only those spaces subject to this chapter shall be counted. (Ord. 2532 § 6, 2003: Ord. 2458 § 6, 2000: Ord. 2243 § 2, 1994: Ord. 2207 § 1, 1993)