Article I. Bankruptcy Sales
5.44.010: Purpose; Interpretation
5.44.020: Statement And Inventory; Filing Required
5.44.030: Statement And License; Required
5.44.040: False Statement
5.44.050: Inventory; Contents
5.44.060: Purchase For Regulated Sale Prohibited
5.44.070: Addition Of Goods To Stock Prohibited
5.44.080: Sale Of Goods Not Inventoried Prohibited
5.44.090: Exempt Sales
5.44.100: License Tax; Initial Term
5.44.110: License; Continuation
5.44.120: License Tax; Exemption For Business Termination Or Removal
5.44.130: License Tax; Hardship Waiver
5.44.140: Hardship Appeal; Grounds
5.44.150: Hardship Appeal; Hearing
5.44.160: Hardship Appeal; Council Decision Final
5.44.170: License; Scope
5.44.180: License; Cancellation Authority
Article II. Itinerant Vendor Or Transient Merchant
5.44.190: Defined
5.44.200: Association With Local Dealer
5.44.210: License Tax; Exemption
5.44.220: License Tax; Initial Term
5.44.230: License; Continuation
5.44.240: Compliance With Article I Of This Chapter; Exception
5.44.250: Enforcement