5.48.030: EXEMPTIONS:
This chapter shall not apply to the following tenancies in mobilehome parks located in the city:
   A.   Mobilehome park spaces rented for nonresidential uses;
   B.   Mobilehome parks constructed after October 1, 1981. For the purpose of this subsection, the term "constructed" means the initial erection of structures;
   C.   Tenancies which do not exceed an occupancy of twenty (20) days and which do not contemplate an occupancy of more than twenty (20) days;
   D.   Tenancies for which any federal or state law or regulation specifically prohibits rent regulations;
   E.   Trailer parks which are occupied by less than fifteen (15) mobilehomes;
   F.   Tenancies covered by leases or contracts which provide for more than a month to month tenancy. However, upon the expiration or other termination of any such lease or contract, the monthly space rent or its equivalent provided in such lease or contract shall become the base rent for such space. Any increase or decrease in the monthly space rent shall be determined in accordance with this chapter, provided that any increase in monthly space rent which had been allowed under the expired or terminated lease during the preceding twelve (12) months, when added to any monthly rent adjustments permitted under this chapter, shall not exceed the increases permitted under section 5.48.060 of this chapter; provided further that nothing in this subsection is intended to require a reduction in rent below that charged under the expired or terminated lease;
   G.   Mobilehome parks which sell lots for factory built or manufactured housing, or which provide condominium ownership of such lots, even if one or more homes in the development are rented or leased out;
   H.   Any mobilehome not occupied by a mobilehome owner-occupant. (Ord. 2532 § 2, 2003: Ord. 2458 § 3, 2000: Ord. 2207 § 1, 1993)