5.48.020: DEFINITIONS:
As used in this chapter the following words shall have the meaning ascribed to them:
   ADJUSTED CPI: The percent of the CPI used for determining rent increases or decreases pursuant to subsection 5.48.060B of this chapter.
   ARBITRATOR: A professional arbitrator by virtue of his or her training or experience or combination of such training and experience.
   CPI OR CONSUMER PRICE INDEX: The index commonly known as the "consumer price index for all urban wage consumers for the Los Angeles-Anaheim-Riverside area" (base year 1982–1984), published by the United States department of labor, bureau of labor statistics.
   COMMISSION: The city planning commission established by title 2, chapter 2.36 of this code (sometimes herein called the "commission").
   DISCRETIONARY RENT DECREASE: A rent decrease granted pursuant to section 5.48.100 of this chapter.
   DISCRETIONARY RENT INCREASE: A rent increase granted pursuant to sections 5.48.070 and 5.48.080 of this chapter.
   FORMULA RENT ADJUSTMENT: A rent adjustment granted pursuant to subsection 5.48.060B of this chapter.
   MOBILEHOME: A structure designed for human habitation as defined in California Civil Code section 798.3. Structures defined in California Civil Code section 799.24 are not mobilehomes.
   MOBILEHOME OWNER-OCCUPANT: Any person who owns a mobilehome and occupies that mobilehome as his or her principal residence within a mobilehome park located within the city.
   MOBILEHOME PARK: An area of land where two (2) or more mobilehome spaces are rented or held out for rent to accommodate mobilehomes used as human habitation.
   MOBILEHOME PARK OWNER: The owner, lessor, operator or manager of a mobilehome park located in the city.
   PARK FACILITY: A facility or amenity which provides for the recreation or convenience of any mobilehome tenant.
   SPACE RENT: The consideration, including any security deposits, bonuses, benefits or gratuities, demanded or received in connection with the use and occupancy of a mobilehome space in a mobilehome park, but exclusive of any amount paid for the use of a mobilehome dwelling unit.
   TRAILER: A structure eight feet by forty feet (8' x 40') or less designed to be drawn by a motor vehicle and to be used for human habitation or for carrying persons and property, including a trailer coach or house trailer. (Ord. 2751, 2011: Ord. 2532 § 1, 2003: Ord. 2458 § 2, 2000: Ord. 2243 § 1, 1994: Ord. 2207 § 1, 1993)