A.   Applications for a home occupation shall be filed with the planning department in a manner prescribed by the community development director. Upon acceptance of a home occupation, the community development director, or their designee, shall review the request for compliance with the above conditions. Following a review period, the community development director shall render a decision. The decision shall clearly state, in writing, any conditions of approval or reasons for denial. Immediately following the effective date of an approved home occupation, when no appeal has been filed, the applicant shall obtain a city business license.
   B.   The decision of the community development director shall be final unless an appeal is taken to the planning commission as provided for in section 18.160.100 of this chapter. Such decisions shall not become effective for ten (10) days from the date that the written decision has been made and notice thereof mailed to the applicant. A copy of the decision shall be forwarded to the planning commission. Following the denial of a home occupation, no application for a home occupation for the same or substantially the same home occupation on the same site shall be filed within six (6) months from the date of denial. (Ord. 2244 § 2, 1994: Ord. 2077 § 5, 1989: Ord. 1000 § 34.20(C), 1955)