18.12.010: Purpose Of Provisions
18.12.020: Similar Uses Permitted By Commission Determination; Applicability
18.12.030: Unlisted Uses; Application To City Required
18.12.040: Unlisted Uses; Conditions Of Permission
18.12.050: Unlisted Uses; Commission Recommendation
18.12.060: Unlisted Uses; Council Action
18.12.070: Proposed Developments Or Improvements
18.12.080: Site Plan Approval And Procedures
18.12.090: Signs And Miscellaneous Approval Procedures
18.12.100: Commission Approval Authority
18.12.110: Appeal Procedures
18.12.120: Approved Applications; Revisions
18.12.130: Site Plan Approval; Expiration
18.12.140: Architectural Review; Intent And Purpose
18.12.150: Architectural Review; Required When
18.12.160: Architectural Review; Scope And Procedures
18.12.170: Architectural Review; Criteria
18.12.180: Petitions And Applications; Form, Contents And Verification
18.12.190: Exceptions To Review Process