24.1   Establishment of Water Department; control
   24.2   Director of Public Works; other employees
   24.3   Accounts and records
   24.4   Application for service
   24.5   Connection and service charges
   24.5-1   Payment of pro rata share of cost condition precedent to connection to water system required where property to be served has not contributed to cost of water system
   24.6   Deposits
   24.7   When payments to be made
   24.8   Unlawful acts generally
   24.8-1   Consequence for engaging in unlawful acts
   24.9   Separate service for commercial uses on parcel of property
   24.10   Gate valves; charge for shutting off water
   24.11   Prevention of waste
   24.12   Right of entry of Water Department employees
   24.13   Interruption of service
   24.14   Construction water service
   24.15   Use of water in case of fire alarm
   24.16   Disposition of funds
   24.17   Drilling or use of water wells
   24.18   Intent
   24.18-1   Declaration of water shortage emergency
   24.18-2   Conservation and rationing stages
   24.18-3   Enforcement
   24.18-4   Water service penalty
   24.18-5   Termination of service
   24.18-6   Appeals
   24.18-7   Cumulative remedies