General Provisions
   72.01   [Reserved]
   72.02   Parallel parking required; exceptions
   72.03   Designation of type of parking
   72.04   Areas of prohibited parking
   72.05   Alleys; restrictions
   72.06   Unloading; freight vehicles
   72.07   Fire hydrants and stations
   72.08   Parking; streets and avenues
   72.09   Street intersections
   72.10   Obstructing traffic
   72.11   Curb parking; painting of curbs
   72.12   Display or repair
   72.13   Current registration
   72.14   Time limit
   72.15   Snow removal and maintenance; emergencies
   72.16   Emergency vehicles
   72.17   Semi-trailer parking in residential districts; exception
Persons with Disabilities
   72.30   Definitions
   72.31   Designation of on-street parking spaces and access aisles; display of permits
   72.32   Designation of off-street parking stalls or spaces
   72.33   Personal permit
   72.34   Motor vehicle permit
   72.35   Permit; prohibited issuance; duplicate permits
   72.36   Period valid; renewal; fee
   72.37   Permits nontransferable; violations; suspension
   72.38   Removal of unauthorized vehicle; penalty
   72.39   Citation issuance; complaint; trial; dismissal
Administration and Enforcement
   72.51   Removal of illegally parked vehicles
Statutory reference:
   Authority to regulate parking, see Neb. RS 60-680
   General provisions on parking, see Neb. RS 60-6,164 through 60-6,168