(A)   Chairperson and Secretary.  The Commission shall select from among its members a Chairperson and Secretary. In the temporary absence of the Chairperson, the members of the Commission may designate an acting Chairperson to serve in the Chairperson’s absence. The Chairperson may resign as Chairperson and continue as a member of the Commission. Likewise, in the absence of a Secretary, the acting Chairperson may designate a temporary Secretary who may or may not be an acting member.
   (B)   Rules.  The Commission may adopt the rules or by-laws for the conduct of its business as it may deem necessary or desirable consistent with this subchapter and other applicable ordinances of the city.
   (C)   Meetings.  The Commission shall meet regularly at a time and place as it may determine and special meetings as may be necessary or desirable may be called from time to time by the Chairperson or by any two members thereof.
   (D)   Quorum.  A quorum of the Commission shall be four of its members. All action of the Commission shall be determined by a majority vote of those present and voting.
(1980 Code, § 22.803)