(a)   The following information shall be included on the site plan application:
      (1)   The name, address and telephone number of the owner, the owner's agent (if applicable) and the person preparing the site plan;
      (2)   A north arrow and scale (one inch equals fifty feet minimum);
      (3)   A location map;
      (4)   The boundaries of the lot, dimensioned to the nearest foot, and the area of the lot to the nearest square foot;
      (5)   Existing and proposed land uses and zoning of the site, and existing land uses and zoning of all adjacent parcels;
      (6)   Building locations and setbacks;
      (7)   Existing and proposed access to public or private rights-of-way;
      (8)   Existing and proposed parking provisions;
      (9)   Information on any proposed structures, including dimensions, floor plans, and elevations;
      (10)   The location and details of any proposed signs, including free-standing signs and signs proposed for building facades;
      (11)   Proposed landscaping plans and existing and proposed sidewalks;
      (12)   Incorporation of a nautical design theme or a Victorian design theme in the project, or a written explanation why such incorporation is not feasible;
      (13)   The floodway, flood boundary areas, and the base flood elevation;
      (14)   Site drainage characteristics and storm drainage provisions.
   (b)   Regardless of the requirements set forth above, the Commission may waive specific site plan information requirements if the requirements are judged to be inapplicable to a particular project or are judged to impose a special hardship on the applicant.
   (c)   Site plan application forms shall be maintained by the Zoning Inspector and the Village Administrator.  A copy of the site plan/zoning permit approval sheet is attached to this chapter as an appendix.
(Ord. 639-95.  Passed 8-10-95; Ord. 1010-11.  Passed 4-11-11.)