(a)   All site plans shall be submitted to the Commission for review and approval.  The Commission may refer site plans to a professional engineer or other consultant for review and recommendation to Commission. Site plans shall meet the content requirements set forth in Section 1222.03.  Incomplete site plan submittals shall be returned to the applicant for completion prior to review by the Commission.  Site plan application forms may be obtained at the Village of Put-in-Bay Town Hall, 435 Catawba Avenue, Put-in-Bay, Ohio 43456.  To be considered by the Commission, six copies of the site plan application and the fee shall be submitted to the Zoning Inspector, Box 245, Put-in-Bay, Ohio 43456, at least ten business days prior to a regularly scheduled Commission meeting.  The Zoning Inspector is responsible for distributing the site plan application to the Commission members at least five business days prior to a scheduled public zoning meeting.  The applicant will be responsible for obtaining all necessary approvals for matters such as water and sewer connections and curb cuts from the Village Administrator whose mailing address is Box 481, Put-in-Bay, Ohio 43456.
   (b)   Within fifteen days after the Commission meeting at which the site plan is considered, the Commission shall approve, conditionally approve, or disapprove the site plan application.  When a conditional approval is granted by the Commission, all applicable conditions shall be met prior to the issuance of a zoning certificate.  The Commission shall submit a copy of the site plan approval to the Zoning Inspector in accordance with the provisions of Section 1262.03(b).
   (c)   A site plan approval shall be in effect for eighteen months from the approval date.  An applicant may request one extension from the Commission for not more than one additional year.
   (d)   A site plan approval by the Commission shall be required for all construction on commercially zoned property, including construction of accessory structures and any residential construction located in commercially zoned district. A site plan approval by the Commission shall not be required for construction of a one-family dwelling, an addition to a one-family dwelling, or for construction of an accessory structure located on residentially zoned property.  However, a zoning certificate, as required in Section 1262.03, shall still be obtained by the applicant.  Copies of all such administrative actions shall be made available to the Planning Commission at the next regularly scheduled meeting.
   (e)   Prior to submitting a site plan, the applicant may request a pre-application conference with the Zoning Inspector.  The purpose of the conference is to provide information about site plan requirements and to provide guidance in preparing the site plan.  No formal action shall be taken on the site plan at the pre-application conference. 
   (f)   A site plan approval by the Commission shall not be required for the construction of fences in any zoning district within the Village.
(Ord. 639-95.  Passed 8-10-95; Ord. 1010-11.  Passed 4-11-11; Ord. 1259-2020.  Passed 8-25- 20.)