A.   Containers Required; Specifications:
      1.   It is the duty of every person, firm or corporation owning, managing, operating, leasing or renting any premises or any place where garbage or rubbish accumulates to provide, and at all times to maintain in good order and repair, on any premises a portable container or containers for refuse which shall be made of galvanized metal or equivalent, not easily corrodible, rodentproof and flyproof, with a tight fitting lid which shall not be removed except when depositing or removing the contents of the receptacle, and with handles on the sides, and of sufficient capacity and in sufficient numbers to accommodate and securely keep all of the garbage and rubbish that may accumulate between collections.
      2.   Each container shall have a capacity of not more than thirty two (32) gallons, except where approved type bulk storage containers are in use. All containers shall be kept clean and free from the accumulation of any substance remaining attached to the inside of the container which would attract flies, mosquitoes and any other insects.
   B.   Location; Sanitary Condition:
      1.   All containers shall be kept in a convenient location for collection, as designated by the city council, whereby collectors can obtain same without going into buildings, garages, locked gates or fenced yards with dogs.
      2.   All containers and grounds immediately around same shall be kept in a safe and sanitary condition at all times.
   C.   Rubbish, Bundles: All ordinary accumulations of rubbish such as tree limbs, paper boxes, and scrap lumber which cannot be conveniently placed in the containers required by this chapter shall be gathered together and baled, tied or sacked in compact bundles, weighing no more than fifty (50) pounds, and placed in a location easily accessible to the collector.
   D.   Open Burning: There shall be no open burning on the premises, unless the operations are carried out in an approved type incinerator, or approval is obtained from the health officer. (1990 Code § 17-403)