A.   Generally: It is the duty of the police department to apprehend and arrest on view or on warrant and bring to justice all violators of the ordinances of the city; to suppress all riots, affrays, and unlawful assemblies which may come to their knowledge, and generally to keep the peace; to serve all warrants, writs, executions, and other processes properly directed and delivered to them; to apprehend and arrest persons violating federal or state law as provided by law, and to turn them over to proper authorities; and in all respects to perform all duties pertaining to the office of police officers. (1990 Code § 13-302)
   B.   Maintain Order And Peace: Police officers shall perform such duties as are required of them by the chief of police, city ordinances, federal, state and county regulations and any other actions required in the maintenance of good order and public peace. (1990 Code § 13-303)