General Provisions
   38.01   City's liability for attorney fees incurred by City Commissioners
   38.02   Burning or smoking tobacco in municipal buildings
   38.03   Identity theft program
Financial Policies
   38.15   Delinquent accounts
   38.16   City's policy for payment, review and approval of bills
   38.17   Payments of costs and expenses for city action
Records Management Program
   38.30   Definitions
   38.31   City Commission records declared public property
   38.32   Policy
   38.33   Designation of records management officer
   38.34   Records management plan to be developed; approval of plan; authority of plan
   38.35   Duties of records management officer
   38.36   Duties and responsibilities of department heads
   38.37   Designation of records liaison officers
   38.38   Duties and responsibilities of records liaison officers
   38.39   Records control schedules to be developed; approval; filing with state
   38.40   Implementation of records control schedules; destruction of records under schedule
   38.41   Destruction of unscheduled records
   38.42   Records center
Charter reference:
   Municipal Finance, see Charter, Article VIII