(A)   Definitions. For the purpose of this section, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
      CITY ACTION. Any city action by the city as defined in § 38.15(A).
      PERSON. Any person as defined in § 38.15(A).
   (B)   Payment of costs and expenses for city action. A person requesting city action for private purposes or commercial interests, other than those for which fees are already prescribed, shall pay for all costs and expenses incurred by the city in providing the city action requested. Costs and expenses shall include, but not be limited to, costs of city employee time expended, professional service fees, filing and recording fees and all other expenses incurred in providing the requested city action.
   (C)   Deposit for anticipated costs and expenses. Upon approval by the City Secretary or Finance Director of a person's written request or application, as required by § 38.15, the Finance Director shall notify the person of the provisions of this section and, after consultation with the appropriate city employees and professional service providers, shall determine an appropriate amount of money to be deposited by the person to serve as security for payment of anticipated costs and expenses. The person shall make the deposit in the amount or shall make other satisfactory payment arrangements prior to any further city action.
   (D)   Notification and deposit required for city action. Until the Finance Director has affirmed compliance with the requirements of division (C) above, no item relating to the person's request for city action may be placed upon an agenda for consideration nor may any other city action in furtherance of the request occur.
   (E)   Statement of costs and expenses. Upon completion of the city action requested and after all associated costs and expenses are determined, the Finance Director shall prepare and deliver an itemized statement of costs and expenses to the person who requested the city action. If the amount of the costs and expenses exceeds the deposit, the person shall pay the balance due to the city within five days. If the deposit amount exceeds the amount of the statement, the balance shall be refunded to the person within five days.
   (F)   Failure to pay statement amount. Until payment is received in the full amount due as shown in the itemized statement, all city action and the effective date of the city action, if any, shall be suspended. The failure to pay the full amount due, as shown in the itemized statement, within 30 days after its delivery to the person shall cause and render all city action taken to be null, void and held for naught. In that event, no amount previously deposited or paid shall be refunded to any person.
(Ord. 609, passed 11-14-2000)