In the event of the proclamation of a local emergency as herein provided, or the proclamation of a state of disaster by the governor, or in the event of a war caused state of extreme emergency, the coordinator is hereby empowered to perform the following acts:
   A.   Activate the emergency operating center including calling in, as necessary, service chiefs, standby staff and service dispatchers.
   B.   Cause the dissemination of appropriate warning signals and issue suitable advisory information to the emergency council, the emergency services organization and the public.
   C.   Advise the California disaster office of the local situation.
   D.   Request mutual aid through the California disaster office if local deficiencies of personnel and/or equipment are indicated by the service chiefs.
   E.   Order the provision of security for the emergency operating center and communications staff. (Ord. 987 § A, 10-6-1970)