The coordinator shall have the following general powers and duties:
   A.   Represent the emergency council and its chairman as their executive officer for the purpose of coordinating all efforts within the Tulare operational area for the accomplishment of the purposes of this chapter.
   B.   Identify and define questions of authority and responsibility that may arise between persons and agencies referred to in section 9-13 of this chapter and submit recommendations for resolving such matters to the chairman.
   C.   Represent the Tulare operational area in all dealings with public or private agencies pertaining to disaster or civil defense, when authorized by the chairman.
   D.   Prepare an operational plan with necessary service annexes and standing operating procedures to provide administrative guides for the Tulare operational area.
   E.   Plan and conduct exercises and drills, as ordered by the chairman, for the emergency services organization or for the emergency operating center staff. (Ord. 987 § A, 10-6-1970)