The emergency council of the Tulare operational area is hereby created and shall consist of the following members:
   A.   The chairman of the board of supervisors of the county. Said board of supervisors shall appoint an additional member of said board to serve as an alternate member of the emergency council when the chairman is absent from the county or is not immediately available to perform his duties.
   B.   The mayors of the cities of Dinuba, Exeter, Farmersville, Lindsay, Porterville, Tulare, Visalia and Woodlake, or alternates appointed by the respective city councils.
   C.   Two (2) persons residing in the unincorporated area of the county who shall be appointed by the other members of the emergency council.
   D.   The emergency services coordinator of the county, who shall be an ex officio member and who shall not be entitled to a vote at the meetings of the emergency council. (Ord. 987 § A, 10-6-1970)